Precision 390 Video Card Upgrade advice

Dell says that the MB supports video cards up to 512mb. Currently, it has the stock card which is ddr2 and 128mb. Can I use a ddr3 1gb card? If not, can I use a ddr3 512mb card? Putting it in PCI 16 slot. I just need to get hdmi and VGA output in one card but I'd like to get something decent for the extra 20 bucks.

Just need to know compatability before I buy.
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  1. Yes, you can install a DDR3/1GB card. That will not be an issue.

    What is your total budget for the upgrade. With that, I am sure folks can give you some great recommendations. Be sure to tell us how you intend to use the system (gaming, general web stuff, CAD/CAM, etc).
  2. Hi, COLGeek!

    I bought this precision just so my wife can have a computer. Got it a GREAT deal.
    Only issue is the video card is ancient and only has one port I'm not even familiar with lol.
    Just grabbing a 30 dollar Radeon card at ddr3/1gb for connectivity and the just in case moments of dvds or super nintendo emulation haha!

  3. Sounds like a great idea. Those Dells will run forever with minimal fuss. Any Radeon HD54xx/55xx/64xx/65xx/66xx will do. Have fun!
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