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3D Glasses

I recently built a new rig, and for christmas I thought I'd treat myself to some 3D glasses. I will be using the Nvidia's in house 3D program because my tv is not 3d itself. My question is, will it run fine on my 59hz refresh rate tv, which will also be at 1280x1024 using a standard VGA cord. TV is a 32'' Panasonic, and GPU is a gtx 680

EDIT: I forgot to add, I plan on just buying the NVIDIA glasses as well, if you guys have any better suggestions, I'd gladly take a look!
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    The glasses won't do anything by themselves, and require the emitter that comes with the full 3D Vision kit. You will also need a monitor that supports 3D Vision, which are 120hz.

    If you wish to use 3D with a TV, that TV must support 3D, and you'll be using Nvidia's 3Dtv play software.
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  3. Yea i did a little more research only to find out that I need 120hz monitor. And that's not going to happen anytime soon. Thanks anyway!
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