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Gainward gtx 460 768mb coil whine

December 16, 2012 1:22:20 AM

after 2 year of use my gtx460 started(or maybe i never noticed but i dont think so) to whine like in this video when i play heavy game like guild wars 2 or hitman absolution, do i have to worry guys? performance fine and the temperature never go above 75 (80 in summer)

i dont know if it help but a week ago i changed my e8400 and crappy 775 mobo to a i5 3570k+z77 pro3

complete configuration is:

i5 3570k oc only with turbo
z77 pro3
4gb ram(soon 8gb but i dont think they consume any power)
asus xonar dx
WD caviar blue 500gb
vx550w corsair