Asus hd 7870 display driver black screen error

I bought a Asus HD 7870. The first night it worked beautifully. I was trying to see all my games performances in high settings. Then at the second day of use, the worst happened. I'm going to number the issues and consequences:

1> Tried to refresh Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits experience index resulting in 2 blue screens after two attempts. (this is after playing many games with up-to-date AMD drivers).
2> Tried to Run the original Half Life (1) and then the screen started yo flicker and show lines all over, freezing the display for a moment.
3> Then Other games continued to play well, for example Left 4 Dead 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown, all graphics set to high.
4> Tried to play Planetside2 trough Steam, went on Black screen after freezing at 98% of loading.
5> Left it like that, then attempted a restart, and the startup freezes at the last loading before logon.
6> After Many attempts of restoring, and driver installation ( like 6 or 7 times, maybe more ), safe mode driver installation attempts. Nothing worked, kept on freezing at startup.
7> Tried to use a friends of mines Desktop Computer with the same Mb as mine (BioStar A880GZ) And went "Black Screen" at the last startup loading before login to w7. We made 3 Failed attempts.
8> I installed Windows 8 Pro 64bits. Had to do it by installing the OS with the onboard GPU (AMD HD 4200).
9> Tried to setup again the Asus HD 7870, but ended up a couple of times in "Black Screen".
10> Tried to setup by installing up-to-date AMD drivers and BETA drivers, but every time the Install Manager was installing the display drivers it went again to the Infamous "Black Screen"... Same as for the Asus drivers and automatic drivers by updating in Device Manager.

I'm super frustrated.

Can anyone suggest on this one before i give up and return the card?
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  1. if you use win 8 did you load the driver for it on amd,and if the answer is yes then rma card.
  2. I did... i think i've tried them all. >:'- |
    RMA it is...
  3. since it does not work either on your friend system rma is the solution.
  4. Yeah... i have to let it go. It's not easy paying up $230+ and then having to pay like 30 bucks or more of s/h ... :cry:
  5. it happens sometimes.
  6. Thanx for the Reality Check... X-}
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