Is this build Okay? first time building a pc...

Hi everyone, im looking for some info on a new pc i wanna build here is was im looking at buying and is there anything im missing? how does this setup look need someone with experience to let me know i looked up different things but this is what i come to like...

cpu-AMD - Phenom II X4 3.40 GHz Processor - Socket AM3 PGA-941

video-Asus - AMD Radeon HD 6450 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphics Card

memory-Corsair - XMS3 2-Pack 4GB DDR3 DIMM Desktop Memory Kit

power-Cooler Master - Elite 400-Watt ATX CPU Power Supply

motherboard- Intel® - Micro ATX Motherboard 1333MHz (Socket 1155)

case- Cooler Master - Elite 431 Plus ATX/Micro ATX Tower Case

ps for the Hard Drive i have a 1tb internal from my other comp and just gonna re use that disc drive as well

is there something wrong with my items...
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  2. an office computer is what you wanna build?
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