Im using win 7 32 bit ultimate .my graphics card is standard vga adapter but i u

but why all my games cant play n how to download graphic driver?
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  1. Hello and welcome. I understand the difficulty in finding drivers but it is actually very simple, I will help you. “Standard VGA Adapter” is simply just a reference to the fact that indeed Windows does recognize a video card but has no idea what it is. First, you are going to have to find out exactly what Video Card you have. To do this you are going to need to open your computer case and look inside. This is actually a lot easier than it seems. Here is a guide:

    Are you having problems after a fresh install of Windows 7? If that is the case, are you lacking drivers for all of your hardware components or only your video card? Let’s check and see if all of your hardware is functioning properly. Follow these steps:

    1. Click Start or press the Windows Key.
    2. Right Click on “Computer” and then select “Properties”
    3. In the left hand menu select “Device Manager”

    This will show you all of the hardware Windows can recognize. Does any component other than your “Display Adapter” have a Yellow Exclamation Point beside it? Please reply with the Brand/Model of your Video Card and any other hardware malfunction found in the Device Manger.

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