Bf3 on high at 1440x900, best gpu

hey guys i have a budget of one to two hundred bucks for a gpu and i would like to run bf3 on high to ultra with a nice stable frame rate, is this possible?
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  1. im guessing a 7850-7870 should more than suffice, assuming you already have a capable processor.

    7870 should definitely handle that resolution, as well as 7850 OC'd, with all bells and whistles turned way up.
  2. get the 7870. It should be fine for that resolution
  3. 7870 for ati or gtx 660 non ti for that resolution :)
  4. what is the rest of your build?

    Latest review with latest drivers that have been tested on the cards in your budget
    I would expect the cards to give you about 25%+ fps due to fact the resolution in the test is about 25% more pixels than 1440x900
    also expect more fps from all cards if playing in high settings
    The giagbye and zotac are using 2GB vram and Evga is 1 GB, but Evga one is faster due to higher OC. This shows that VRAM size is still not a factor. The 7850 1GB is faster so not VRAM issue. Could be a memory bandwidthe issue since the 7850 1GB has more bandwidth but not sure.
    $110 - 7770
    $140 - 650ti
    $160 - 7850 1 GB
    $180 - 7850 2GB
    $195 - 660

    For your resolution I would be fine with the 7770 for high and 650ti for ultra. The 7850 1GB is only if you want constant 60fps at ultra.
    For more future proofing or future 1080p, I would aim for the 7850 2GB or the 660, depending on how much you want to spend.
  5. thanks for the replies guys, it was very helpful, the rest of my build is 8 gigs of ram, windows 7 64 bit, an amd a8 apu 3870k quad core, 450 watt psu, if you need to know anything else let me know
  6. enjoy ;) im shur ull be gaming very well now,
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