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So to make this quick. I bought my sister a laptop that she could use multimedia and light gaming. Its running Windows 8 64Bit. It also has a AMD Radeon HD 7670M and Intel HD graphics 4000. I have an odd feeling that the PC is defaulting to the HD 4000 and Not the 7670M. I cant remember how to check and enable either one as primary. And W8 isn't making my search any easier lol. Any help out there?
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  1. Yeah. When I go into advanced setting under display. It has Intel HD 4000 listed as the chip being used.... Going to go check BIOS real quick...
  2. Lol HP doesn't let you touch anything but boot order in their BIOS. Anyway, no option for primary display adapter
  3. So I def know that the HD 4000 is being used by default since Steam Sys Info is listing Intel HD 4k as default. Bt I still cant remember how to enable the 7670M by default. Any help =D
  4. So apparently you go into switchable graphics and list the programs you want to use the deicated gpu as "High performance". Awkward system. I knew the 7670 wasn't being used thanks to MSI Afterburner but after starting killing floor GPU usage went up from a complete 0 like it supposed to. Im glad I use NvIDIA in my own rig ahahaha. Still If anyone knows how to make it permanent, it would be nice to know lol

    And if you have no idea what Im talking about, read this -

    Its a bit out of date, but it explains it
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