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Hey, I already posted a build post, but this one is a bit different. If I really should have kept to the same thread plase tell me so I don't make that mistake again... anyways, I really would like someone to do a thorough check on the main parts ie. Motherboard, case, GPU, CPU, but mainly the case and motherboard. Also please tell me if I am way overspending on one item. I really am not going to change any of the parts unless there is a compatibility issue or I am overspending on one thing. Thanks in advance!
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    This is okay. What is your budget for a computer? You don't have to buy all the parts off of Newegg. Although it's a great website, it's not ALWAYS the best spot price wise. You can stick with that build but, I'd get the NZXT Source 210 case for better cable management.


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  3. Instead of the GTX 660 I'd suggest the Radeon 7870 GHz Edition which is just a few bucks more and is a better GPU.
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