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Hardware help?I want to create a minecraft server for two players, and my comput

I want to create a minecraft server for two players, and my computer sucks. Which upgrade priorities should I have? And recommended upgrades? My computer had an AMD athlon II X2 245 processor 2.90 GHz, 4GB RAM, 64 bit, my video card is a Nvidia GT 220.

I realize that I probably should buy a new computer for ideal experiences, but i'm looking for a quick fix that is manageable, not breaking the bank. I'm debating on buying more RAM or a new video card. Which should be my priority? If it is a card, I like Nvidia, whats the cheapest solution I have?
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  1. Oh, sorry about the title I didn't notice I did that
  2. Well, If your just worried about minecraft then Id just update the GPU. 550ti or 7770. Minecraft only requires (Recommended) a single core 3.0Ghz so your Dual should suffice. (More RAM never hurts ahahahaha imo)

    If upgrading GPU, Check PSU to make sure it can handle the increased load

    Since your a fellow NvIDIA fan, I highly recommend the 550ti. Its an awesome midrange card for Midrange games. Used mine for a while before I got a 660

    Additional Info-
    The Recommend GPU is an 8600 GS so you can use that as a performance ref point
    Recommended RAM is 1GB
  3. Im sorry I am not super well defined in hardware, how would I go about checking the PSU?
  4. Well since EVERYONE seems to have their own way of measuring AMPs, Watts etc. Best thing you could do is take a picture of the Tag on the side of your PSU and upload it to photobucket then link the picture here =/
  5. Most likely you'll have to update your PSU since your only using a GT 220, But then again older series cards are power hugrey bastards (Which is going to cost more money) But I personally think will give you the most bang for your buck. Its all about balancing performance and reliablity with your budget.

    Using a few benchmarking sites, Your system build is a bit above the recommended requirements. You might get away with a x30 x40 series GeForce GPU. Just depends on budget, Performance you want to gain, PSU abilites.
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    Awesome. Well, I was told by an electrician that in order to find out how many amps your PSU has available is. For Multi Rail Systems, You take how many watts are available on your 12V rails( In your case 313) and divide by however many volts you have (12).

    313W / 12V = 26A

    So you has 26 Amps to work with.

    From what Ive read you only need 350W PSU and with a system containing all the other essential parts for operation, 20Amps. I recommend a GT 630 for a increase in performance, Not having to upgrade PSU and not breaking the bank.

    Links used

    Mind you I had my method confirmed by users of this site when I was asking questions about upgrading my GPU a few weeks ago.
    I may even be being a bit conservative.

    My original thread-

    PS - Dont let the dust bunnies take over your FANS! =D
  7. thanks so much! Youve been a great help
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