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So my computer won't turn on

Hey I already posted but I was shopping for parts and wanted last feedback.

So basically, I was moving my computer around and the plug was pulled off from the wall on accident which shut my computer down, after that happened, my computer wouldnt turn on at all.

No fans no nothing, the computer is just off and wont turn back on,

I took it to the computer shop and they guy told me the powersupply is still working because he tried it on a different computer.

Should I just buy a mobo?
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  1. what are you system specs?
  2. Your last post stated that you were going in for a new mobo.....
    I personally feel you really ought to dismantle the entire rig and clear the CMOS etc etc. give it a good clean over and try bread boarding it to see what all works first.
    That is, unless you just want to go and buy yourself new stuff.....

    What's pretty surprising is no one in the earlier post ever told you to do that, bread board the rig.
    That is what you ought to have done after you found out from the PC guy that your PSU was fine. Check and recheck all connections inside the rig , making sure nothing came loose or got pulled out of it's place in the first tug of war.
  3. That sounds pretty good so basicmantle it and rebuild it all over? also, my system specs are

    gen3 ex3 mobo z68 from asrock
    750 watt power supply
    xfx r7850 graphics
    ex cooler and yeah, i only had a 750 watt so i had to use that, didnt want to spend money

    also i dont overclock
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    Yup, remove all the connections from the mobo, remove all cards from, clean it up , inspect for any loose or burnt out components, put the mobo on a plastic or wooden table connect only the psu and the monitor and boot it up to see if the mobo boots up.
    That'll give you a 100% indication if it's working or not.
    Then you can start connecting things to it step by step and booting up after every addition to find out which component actually suffered the pull.
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