Is there update for nvidia geforce 410m

is there update for nvidia geforce 410m
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  1. If by update you mean driver update? Then yes. Nvidia still supports the 410m. If you mean hardware update then YES. Always going to be new cards =D

    Now if your trying to gain performance then youll need to buy a new laptop in order to change the GPU. (The sad CON of laptops, Cant change out GPUs)
  2. That is a mobile card however, there is a chance though that a reference driver from nvidia website won't work right though(It a sad truth with laptop card) especially laptop using a form of switchable graphics. It generally better to look at you laptop manufacturer website for update unless you wanting os support not on the manufacturer webpage(I have netbook that I was wanting to us xp as well as windows 7 on so I had to use a reference driver for this) or a feature not support with the current manufacturer drivers.

    As previous poster said though about hardware though you have to get a new laptop to change gpus. Very few laptops have removable gpu(generally costly laptop design for workstation or gaming in mind) and these gpu are costly as well from what a hear on other forums.
  3. True.(Didnt think of this) Sometimes OEMs tweak their drivers to work on their systems. Seems more common with Laptops. Especially on non gaming market systems.
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