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Complete idiots guide for first time build.

This is my first build and im looking to spend around $1200 in the next 2-3 weeks. Basically I want pc solely for gaming that has wireless internet. Not needing spectacular as I will be using an 1920x1080 1080p hdtv. I need to know what to get to hook everything up including cords. Mouse and keyboard need not be included. Any help would be appreciated. Games Im looking to play are games like KotOR, Skyrim, Witcher othe mmorpg's etc.
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  1. Are you sure you can't wait to summer when the new AMD 8000 and the haswell chips are out as the "supposed" figures look like promising improvements.

    Otherwise it would be best to fill out form here and comment it:
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    look at int intel 3570k or non k cpu. right now it the best cpu for a gaming rig for the money. the 7870/7850 cards are the best price for video cards. if you want more gaming power there the 660/670 gpu. for ram 8g of low profile ram will do. an evo 212 cpu cooler to keep the cpu cool. for the money there are few good asrock mb in the 150.00 price point. windows 7 or 8 oem is 100.00 on new egg. toss is a good name brand power supply. a 840 ssd or other good brand ssd and a stoage drive and you have a good gaming rig.
  3. Ok this onfo is pretty standard to what ive been reading so far. To Combine1237, unfortunately I cannot wait, ill end up spending it elsewhere. Whats a good wirrless card. Or should I get a motherboard with one built in?
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