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Hello, i upgraded my PC i bought in 2008, my vga is still kind poor performance compared to current date models. I got in da box 3.8 amd fx8120 black edition, ASRock 990FX mobo, 12gb ddr3 @ 1599 mhz, OS on SSD & gtx 260 as main vga. my budget is $350, my PSU is rated 500w. I want to upgrade to gtx5xx or something similar "maybe ATI?". please share your your ideas about my CPU/RAM/MOBO are limiting the upgrade. My current gtx260 is not running nicely as it kept losing memory :/. Cheers!@

p.s: edited post to sort out some typos.
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  1. With your PSU, I think an HD 7950 would work just fine. This is a decent model here:

    No reason in getting a GTX 670 for the extra $40 when a 7950 offers similar performance. I'd recommend the 7950. One good thing about NVIDIA cards though is they usually have lower power consumption.

    Just my thoughts, I have a GTX 670 and I love it, but in your case, AMD all the way.
  2. the most important thing is what company ur PSU is?
    and wat games u play? what resolution? multimonitor?
  3. That's a good point, that was somewhat incompetent of me, your PSU model and game type are very important.
  4. My PSU is Cooler Master brand.
  5. I tend to have 3-4 screens, RES is alway 1080p in all screens.

    Most of the time I play 3 games, Legacy of time (too old) + COD(MW3) + CSGO & CSS.

    The performance goes bad when I use multi monitors, eventhough I tried to use my old 6600GT but it didn't distribute the pressure on VGAs.

    Instead I got poor performance & my VGAs started using some memory from the RAM, would that slow down the performance?

    I'm talking about poor 15-23 fps @ max settings.

  6. hmmmm
    u do 4 screens in 1080p!! u need a LOT of video memory!!
    the reason games slow down is not becoz they use RAM for video memory it is bcoz they run out on video memory in the graphics card!! 1GB in not enough for u.
    and cooler master is not the great in PSU. everyone will tell u this.
    so get a new seasonic or corsair PSU and then tell us your budget.
    but remember u multimonitor and all of them are 1080p so it will be a high end or a high level mid range card for u.
    wat is your max budget?? and do u play in multimonitor too? or just 1 1080p monitor?
  7. I can max out my budget to $500, I don't play with multi monitor. Only 1 to get the most.

    I'm thinking of hooking up my 1 year old laptop (broken screen bolt) just to reduce the pressure on VGA. I like to play & watch some videos (MULTI-TASKING!).

    But based on my CPU will nVidia or ATI will perform better??
  8. your cpu is not that great for gaming, but still not the worst either.
    u hav an 8 cores, so multitasking should not be a problem at all.
    and for the GPU a hd7970 will be just awesome!!
    and for the PSU
    this will be fine.
    and if it is a little above your budget then.....
    this GPU, it is a 7970 as well but is 420$ after rebates!!
    and 3 free games. both those GPU will be awesome for multimonitor.
    and with 420 for GPU u get 80 for PSU
    and single monitor 1080p they will KILL any game!
    i would take the 2nd choice of PSU and GPU
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