Another windows 7 install not detecting drivers

i just recently out together my computer before i get down to business heres the specs
gigabyte 970a-d4
amd fx 4100 black edition
kingston 4gb ram
western digital 500gb hard drive

everything is brand new. i also have windows 7 home premium 64 bit, my bios is detecting my hard drive, i spoke to gigabyte and helped me get it set up. and to windows install, the lady was quick to get off the phone with me, but i have called microsoft, and gigabyte multiple times and no help. when i try to install its the normal no drivers detected insert driver disc etc etc, i do and still doesnt find anything. what else should i try 2 people have told me to reformat the hard drive honestly i dont know how to do that. others said it should detect it and dont know why its not finding the driver ive searched here and no solid answer. i checked the connections and its good bios is detecting everything it needs to, but windows 7 wont please help
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  1. sorry gigabyte 970a-d3 not d4
  2. You have the CD that came with the motherboard? Put it in and run it, it will have the most of the drivers. Then you can download video drivers from or . After those steps, let us know what else didn't install or is still looking for drivers (write down exactly what things say).

    EDIT: If you don't have the driver CD, go to and manually download the drivers for everything, put them on a USB stick and install them off there.
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