Do i need a stronger GPU because of this?

hi, i have a HD Radeon 6570, it can handle some games on full spec such as Assassin's Creed III, but other games like Far Cry 3 or GTA IV (large area maps), it cant quite handle them on full spec, when i play games like these that are huge open worlds, when i travel i can see a basic tree or building in the background, and the details dont fully load until i travel closer to them, when i watch gameplay videos on youtube of people who have awesome graphics cards, the details on buildings etc are already loaded up no matter how far away they are,

so do i need a stronger graphics card or is it to do with RAM? (i have 4GB) and would it also include the CPU? (i have AMD Athlon 640 - quad core 3.0 Ghz)

Many thanks
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  1. VRAM deals with texture Quality, Some DX features and Overall your resolution. Far Cry and in general most open world games require quite powerful GPUs to enjoy them without stuffs poping in and with all the goodies enabled

    Speaking of VRAM, You may have the DDR3 version of this card. Most gaming cards use GDDR5 memory (GDDR5 is available on version of this card) as its alot faster. Could explain what you've seen on youtube. Not to mention higher end GPUs can support a further LOD level (setting)

    Your 4GB of RAM is used for system , apps and games. Not the textures the game loads unless you use more then whats available on your GPU or you have an intergrated chip

    If your PSU can support it, I would consider upgrading your card if your current situation is bothersome. Things Poping in your face can get real anoying real quick
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