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I have an alienware m11x that has had no upgrades or work done on it since i bought it, but it is performing way under my expectations. WoW runs very slowly and takes up over 60% of CPU usage even though it is a old game and I can't run games like Diablo 3 as it says that my video card isnt supported. Is it just out of date or is there something wrong? I bought the laptop about 3 years ago
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  1. spec?
  2. If it is the i7 and 16 GB of ddr3 ram combined with the gt 540m i think you should be fine...make sure drivers are up to date....try and tell us...
  3. virus scan?
  4. If you got yours 3 years ago, then you have the version with the GT 335m and the Core 2 Duo SU7300. I'm sorry but that's just not poerful enough, especially for Diablo 3.
  5. Sorry to bring up a old thread but I think I know this guys problem... On that model you have to manually switch the graphics card. The dude need to hit Fn F6 to enable the gt 335m. If he has at least 4 gb of ram he can run diablo 3 on low.
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