Asking advice for building new PC

Okay, here we go:
Intel i5 3570
MSI GTX 650 1GB DDR5 Power Edition
Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 8 GB KIT
Corsair VS 550 True Power
Thermaltake Commander Snowy
LG 18.5"

Is it already a good combination?
I'll use it to play high-end games.
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  2. lol not really
    general rule for gaming pc is that gpu should cost more than cpu.
    with cpu you selected, you at least need gtx 660, and if you can afford gtx 670 is a deal
  3. List your budget and what country you live in and someone will build you one on PCPartPicker.

    If there has to be a tradeoff, definitely less CPU and more GPU.
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