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Hey all i am building a rig and i wanted to ask people more experienced then i in building computer's first off are all my parts compatible links are down below second of is the power supply enough to meet my components needs as well as maybe support another card in the future i was told it would and last will this computer be enough to render video's, capture game footage and heavy gaming thanks for the help and putting up with my stupidity.
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  1. Post the parts here, instead of a link to download to somewhere...
  2. Yes, it's all compatible, i rather ditch the sound card, the on board audio is good enough and add a larger ssd from same brand, i'd also ditch the asus sabertooth and get the asus ASUS P8Z77-V.
    Also i'd get the fractal design define R4 if you don't mind being a mid tower case.
  3. wow, willing to pay 200 for a sound card and another 200 for 32gig of ram. What do you do for a living man :D
  4. Thanks django and leo I do alright
  5. A question would the motherboard you suggest be compatible with all my componets and is the power supply enough that I could add a another graphics card later on
  6. Yes, the motherboard has the same features as the sabertooth, and it's compatible with all parts, that psu will do for two 670 gtx, it's a quality psu.
    Also make sure that you really need 32GB, 16GB is plenty, a dual channel kit of 2x8GB might prove to be a good option.
  7. Sweet thanks man
  8. Oh and while I have u will tha cpu fan fit in my case srry I really suck at this
  9. Yes, it fits the case.
  10. Thanks man
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