How do i watercool EVGA 670 2gb FTW

I have a EVGA 670 GTX FTW , and i wanted to know how to water cool it, components, what is recommended brand for cooling these and the stuff i need. I have never watercooled a video card let alone do it custom cooling with buying all the separate pieces. So he question is what do i need ?
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  1. You might want to look up some videos of how to install water cooling, I would recommend you see a pro, because if you mess this up your going to be in trouble.
    Thats a expensive GPU, and you could fry it and your whole computer.

    Good Luck
  2. Well i already have the H100 for the CPU the reason why i want to the liquid cooling is cause i want my computer to look really mean , and also so it can be a tad bit more quite. I know the basics that i need a block, a resorvour however the hell u spell it and a radiator with tubes and such ... just wat brand and so fourth?
  3. The H100 is completely different from custom liquid cooling. If closed loops are the way you'd rather go, I'd suggest the Arctic Accelero hybrid Graphics card Liquid cooler.
    It supports most models of the GTX 670 and GTX 680, but I'm not totally sure, so you should ask around about that.

    If you really rather custom loop your computer,
    waterblocks from ek, xspc, heatkiller, swiftech are pretty good,
    the laing d5 pump is generally most used (MCP 655),
    and xspc/swiftech radiators are good value
    you're going to need to do a lot more research before you go anywhere with it though. I'm not even sure there are any waterblocks for the FTW edition.

    Read this article if you want to custom loop it
  4. Yes i want the custom cooling because i want to change the color to a batman looking theme black and yellow and im already trying to figure out how to cut out a batsymbol on the side panel... still havent figured out how im going to do that , and the H100 sadly i have to deal with the black tubes and there not see through so fourth i will def read the articles thanks, and ask for recommendation for brand... i have also read that they have a Ek model for the FTW eddition
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