Wireless Router 2012 review

Am I missing the link in Tom's Hardware?
It looks like the last time Tom's Hardware did a Wireless Router review was over a year ago (2010).

I'm looking to upgrade to a new router, and wanted to see what is good out there.
Currently running DLink DGL4500 and using a crossover cable to Linksys WRT610N.
Works well, but the Linksys has been acting up lately.
Tried to setup DGL4500 and a crossover cable to DIR655 and internet wont work.
The WRT610N works really well without having to do any tweaking, it done it automatically.
I use the DGL4500 for hardwire gaming and WRT610N for wireless and extended range.
Looking into replacing the Linksys and do the same setup and trying to find a similar wireless router that would allow crossover cable bridging and router do the rest automatically.

Anyone out there recently done similar setup and hardware they used?
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  1. You should not need a crossover cable, just a patch cable from LAN to LAN port.

    What are you trying to use the DIR-655 for? A wireless access point, wired switch, or both? Did you turn the DHCP server off on the DIR-655 since the other provides that?
  2. I'm was planning to replace the WRT610 with the DIR-655 as wireless access point.
    I will take a look and see if the DHCP server is off.

    I had tried patch cable after the crossover didn't work.

    Will check again.
  3. I have a number of 655's as APs. Just make sure DHCP is off, you use different radio channels compared to the router if you also use its wireless (but same SSID) and assign the 655 a static address in the network range but not within the address range assigned by the DHCP server function of the router.
  4. Thanks for your help, will give it a more detail look. I have loaned my 655 to my co-worker for his Playbook dropping connection problems.
    As soon as I get it back will give it another shot.
    Will be updating the post as soon as I get it back.
  5. Hello Realbeast

    Ok got my router back, went to change the router with the following: disable DHCP, assign a new ip address within primary router range but that is not used, hit save, and from this point on cannot log back into the router. Even entering the new IP to login fails. Reset the router and try again, doing the same steps, save, reboot, and it failed. Then unplug the router and try again. Fail.
  6. i have a old router and im thinking of getting a new one. i going to have wired internet so will the router affect my internet speeds? like some say 300mb/s and some are a gb/s.

    Thank You!!!
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