Crossfire/sli video card help?

Can you do a crossfire/sli whichever you call itwith a regular nvidia geforce gtx 660, and with a gtx 660 ti?
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  1. No.
    You can't SLI a GTX 660 and a GTX 660 Ti, but you can SLI two GTX 660's or GTX 660 Ti's. You can mismatch brands meaning you can have a MSI GTX 660 and a EVGA GTX 660 together.
  3. You also need a supported motherboard. Make sure you have enough power for it. Install the SLI/CFX bridge. And you need to enable it in the Nvidia/Catalyst control menu thing. Another article:
  4. I currently have an Msi Gtx 660, a 650W Antec Power Supply. and an Asus M5A97 Motherboard, also an amd Fx-4100 CPU. is that good enough for a sli gtx 660?
  5. Could you tell us the specs on the power supply? As in the specs on the 12v rail. If it's decent then yes you should be able to SLI the second GTX 660.
    EDIT: why do you want to add another GTX 660?
  6. This is the power Supply I am using.

    Note: The Pc I am using was built for me by a company called eCollegepc. I had them put in all of the parts that I asked them to, since I have no experience building yet. I'm reading some of the reviews on that power supply, and it said people have problems with burning. Does that have something to do with over using, or overdoing what the power supply is capable of doing? I've had this computer since April to today and i've had few to little problems that weren't easily solved.

    "EDIT: why do you want to add another GTX 660?"

    I don't know, wouldn't it run better or would it not make much of a difference?
  7. That PSU is more than capable of runing the GTX 660 in SLI.
    Now about the SLI part, are you lacking performance in your games? Do you really need 2 cards? What games do you play and what resolution because the higher the resolution the more powerful card you need and more memory.
  8. Well the two highest resolution/game setting games I have that I frequently play as of right now are Skyrim and Crysis 2, im able to get them both on ultra, I don't know the fps I get but it seems decent, but could be better.
  9. Quote:
    that power supply only has two pci-e connectors- I would say , sell the 660 and get one 680 or 7970

    Oh I did not notice that, so your options are to either get a new card and sell your old one or upgrade your PSU. Props to bummerman
  10. Hmm, well I'm fine not playing the the absolute maximum settings, How long will the 660 last before Ill probably need an upgrade? Ive only had the 660 for about 2 months, I replaced a 6790 with the 660.
  11. Well it depends. If you are going to play the same games forever, then it will last you forever. However if you want to keep playing the newest titles you will need an upgrade.
  12. Well, I have a MSI GTX 660. And Ill probably upgrade to a 760 (or TI version) when NvIDIA releases them. And it depends. PC games seem to be on a high when it comes from the next big game to the next. As DX11 becomes more standard, Performace increases will be needed (Not saying the 660 cant handle DX11, Handles quite nicely actually)
  13. Thanks for the help guys. I'll probably get a 680 sometime within the year.
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