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I just completed my first build and I'm having some issues, windows 7 will not boot up. Every time I turn on the pc it gets half way through the windows animation then a blue screen appears and it says windows startup failed and launches startup repair, I've gone through startup repair and nothing happened. I've also restored the pc and checked the hdd for errors. I've also changed the priority of the boot to the hdd. Everything is connected properly (I think)
My specs are:
MSI z77 ag43 motherboard
Intel i5 3570k
Corsair vengeance ram
Samsung hd103sj hdd, windows 7 was already installed to this from my previous pc

Any help would be appreciated

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  1. You probably have to reinstall windows 7.
  2. I can't find the disk for it
  3. Hello... do you have a sticker or DVD/CD sleeve with the windows version KEY?
  4. "Samsung hd103sj hdd, windows 7 was already installed to this from my previous pc"

    You cant pull your old harddrive out and hook it up to a new system and boot it right up, none of the drivers are the same. THIS WILL NEVER WORK.

    You need a full reinstall of the os. Most likely you will need to buy a new copy of windows as the keys are non-transferable to the new system
  5. my guess from the "this is my first build" that the harddrive came from a pre-built computer. The os is locked to that computer, I've called Microsoft trying to transfer win 7 from a dell that died to another computer and they would not do it.

    you can try and tranfer it but most likly going to have to suck it up and buy a $99 copy of win 7 x64 home premium
  6. Everything was changed apart from the HDD because I had some stuff I wanted to keep.

    After restoring it to factory defaults everything's running fine so thankfully Ive escaped the $99, cheers for the suggestions though
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