Can anyone tell me if this computer i purchased is any good for games?

i have just ordered a new pc
intel i5 3570k 3.4 ghz with 8gb ram 1600
amd 7970 3gb graphics card
2 tb hard drive
32gb ssd

will this set up be good enough for the latest games???
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  1. yes you will have no problem maxing games out
  2. ahhh cool do u recommend i overclock this rig at some point??? apparently i can overclock to about 4.2ghz with this cpu
  3. Overclocking that CPU is easy, but I would advise against using the stock CPU cooler if you decide to do so.
  4. With a $35 cooler you *should* get 4.2, probably a little higher (4.4-4.5)
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