Graphic card witn HDMI IN & OUT...

Is it on the market somewhere?

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  1. Graphics cards don't have input connections, only output ones. What you're looking at is a capture card.
  2. AND.... Capture cards tend to not record or pass HDCP protected content without further hardware.
  3. that's what I thought. What extra is need? I would like my pc to have the possibility to turn like a pvr..
  4. The most cost effective way to use the PC as a PVR is either SD(I know i know) OR Analog HD(1080i) with component video.

    If you MUST use HDMI, you will need a drm/hdcp stripper and those are getting fewer and fewer now days. When HDMI came out many splitters had a side effect of passing the signal without the HDCP(DRM. Trust me, I wish I had one too :) ). This has since been corrected on most devices.

    One of the more known solutions is/was the HDfury(it went to analog still). Many users like it, but many have also had issues(it was powered by the HDMI port, so that may have been one issue).

    Going much further then this starts to get into a grey legal area that the forums frown on.
  5. this migth do the job if it does shoud I use an i7 rather than my unopened i5?
  6. If you plan to do lots of video conversion, many editors will take advantage of the extra threads.

    That is up to you, The card seems to be software driven, but it is hard to say for sure.

    Note: This product was designed for AVer MediaCenter software and will not work with Windows Media Center.

    This almost indicates a software driven card as well since media center needs hardware or a special software package to fake hardware(WinTV's SoftPVR for example).

    Do you plan to record TV or is it just for video games(many users like to record console games)?
  7. both
  8. Ok, well for TV, the HDMI input may not work due to HDCP issues. Some users are mentioning a work around that involve some extra steps.

    As for Video games. Xbox 360 should work, but PS3 has HDCP on everything.

    Recording with component(RED BLUE GREEN/RED/WHITE) should work with almost anything that supports it.

    As long as you do not mind a lack of Media Center support, That card should work ok. I personally prefer hardware based cards(that work in Media Center), but they are not as flexible.
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