How fast should I set my vram?

At 1241Mhz core clock I can set my vram at 6438Mhz, but at 1228Mhz core clock I can set my vram at ~7600Mhz, is this too fast, am I damaging it? They're both about the same temperature, 60c.(Also, both 99 and 103 offset give 1241Mhz core clock, and 94 and 90 offset give 1228Mhz, why is this?)
this is a gigabyte gtx 670
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    It's only being damaged if the heat can not be dissipated.
    If you are able to sacrifice 13Mhz on the core to obtain almost 1200Mhz on your VRAM. Do it, it will provide a much higher FPS boost than the latter.

    Just make sure your temperature are within limits when you game :)
  2. I'm just worried that the vram is overheating, since there's no way to monitor its temperature. Would it overheat?
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