How do I enable DMA on my laptop's DVD?


I have a Presario 1694 with a Toshiba DVD drive.

I think the model is a SD-C2202, but Windows driver says SD-C2302.

The transfer mode is only PIO. How do I enable DMA? I have it set in Windows to use DMA. I know the DVD drive supports DMA because it says so on the Toshiba site. Also, I know the IDE controller can because the Hard disk is using "Multi-Word UltraDMA"

I'm using Windows XP Pro now, but used to use WinMe. In that operating system DMA was enabled.

By the way, is PIO slower, and does it use more CPU that DMA? Would that make a difference for DVD playback?

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  1. I ain't running xp so I can only tell you how to do it on ME. Go to My computer/control panel/system/device manager/cd rom then find your dvd drive and click on it. Click on the settings tab and put a ckeck in the dma box. If xp is different this will of course not work. If this does not help try reposting in the software section for xp.

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  2. I had a similar problem, although on my desktop PC.

    I have a Pioneer DVD drive that, under Win2K supported DMA. In WinXP Pro, only PIO was showing up.

    Here's the problem - when XP installs the O/S, it sets whatever device to PIO mode. Thus, many people have had problems with devices on IDE channels (namely HDs, CDs, DVDs) being listed as only PIO.

    There's an easy fix. Go into your device manager. Find IDE/ATA channels. For any IDE channel listed that is on PIO (you can see this under advanced settings), simply right click it on the device manager and uninstall it.

    On reboot, WinXP will re-recognize the IDE channel and now the proper DMA option should be available.

    Worked like a charm for my DVD drive!

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  3. Hello!

    Thanks for the tip.

    But, it still reverts to PIO.

    I know the drive supports DMA.

    Also, with Win Me, the check for DMA stays.

    Do you have any other ideas?

    Also, would DMA have better performance the PIO playing a DVD. Does PIO use more CPU power than DMA?

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