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My wife's computer suddenly stopped working a little while back and, having nothing better to do today, I decided to have a crack at fixing it.

We had some trouble with it in the past, black screen, beeping and such, which was rectified by just reseating the ram.

However, the last and final time the screen went black it never came back.

The computer sounds like its coming alive when you push the button: mobo power light is on, all the fans spin up, hdd whines, but no display.

Thought it might be the video card, so I tried a different one, then substituted the psu with a different one. Nothing made a difference.

So in the end I took the ram and video card (which I suspected was perfectly fine) and stuck them in my old computer which she is currently using and they're both working fine.

Out of curiosity I tried turning the computer on without the video card or ram installed and it never beeped.

Any ideas? I'm thinking about just getting her a new mobo, cpu, and some more ram, as I'm currently unemployed.
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  1. If no beeps with only CPU and CPU fan installed, then you know it's either the board or the CPU (since you've tested a different PSU). Most probably the board.
  2. I was afraid that was the problem. You wouldn't happen to know a cheap 1155 board with an ide connector?

    Looking at this thing atm:

    My reasoning is that by spending an extra 20$ or so on a board like this over some of the cheaper boards, I can save a few bucks using her old dvd burner and hdds.
  3. you know what it is more than likely the CPU i just helped out someone with a problem nearly identical and it turned out to be the CPU, it will not beep if the CPU is dead and it will not post(or even power up anything fans etc) if the motherboard is dead so i recommend you get the CPU RMA'd(under warranty)
  4. I got a feeling the warranty is long since expired: the computer is a few years old now. Tbh, she only really needs something powerful enough to play wow (at max settings ofc).

    My old pentium d 830 seems to handle the game decently enough with the help of her 9800gto and the extra 2gb of ram; but, its showing its age.

    Its actually blowing my mind a little, right now, thinking about it. Feels like just yesterday 512mb of ram was plenty and now even the real cheap boxes are sporting 4gb
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