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Okay couple questions actually... first off being cooling. I was told best cooling = best performance type deal. Is the air cooler in there good enough on top of the 3x 230mm + 1x 140mm fan inside the casing? 0.o As well I was suggested to get copper tubing or something (either for the wires or something I'm not really sure). Opinion on that?

Pretty much just wanted to know about the cooling... but also general overall of the system? (Was originally going to get an AMD FX8350 but was told Intel is better gaming choice with many benchmark diagrams and other threads to prove it.... then was going to get the i7 3970 or 3790? ... whatever the top end one was I forget, but then was told hyperthreading is pretty much useless and so they recommended the i5 2500 or the 3570... so went with the 3570K ^_^

1.) So looking for cooling recommendations
2.) Any performance improvements you might see.

Right now I'm near the $3,000 peak which was about the max I wanted to spend so might not get a lot more improvements... BUT wanted to ask the community just in case if you guys might know something (which I'm sure is a lot) that I don't.

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  1. We can't see your wish list. . .
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  3. @dragonlord oh you can't? Odd... that was the public wish list though you should be able to see it 0.o

    @Emelth thanks. Mainly just wanted to know if the cooling is enough, or if I need to get more. I'll bookmark that link though I appreciate it :)
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