ok, i am a newbie at building and i have narrowed my video card choice to msi gtx 650ti power edition or evga gtx ssc 650ti. which is better or more reliable company. they are $5.00 apart in price and i only have until midnight today to make a choice. i hav 10% off at amazon till midnight. any advice will be taken. i am using it in an asus z77 sabertooth board and have purchased seasonic 650 gold edition power supply and got a good deal on nzxt black with orange 410. will not sli. hoping someone answers. thanks mates.
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  1. forgot to add i have purchased 3570K processor.
  2. See what's the cheapest and get that one, for lower-end cards, not much difference between the two.
    If you could get a 7850 1GB would be better for gaming(?).
  3. 7850 is more than twice the price. i do not game much.
  4. if you dont game much 3570k is overkill. are you doing cad systems or video processing?

  5. the 3570k was only 10.00 more than the 3570. at amazon. i bought the msi poweredition they kept lowering the price and in the end it was cheaper than the nvidia one. they lowered the price as i was collectiong for my new build almost everything i bought was lowered as i kept looking at my cart and with free shipping and an addition 10% off it was a good deal.
  6. that 670ti power edition ended up costing me about 97.60.
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