Needs some help. This problem has stumped me.

So I just built myself a computer
I5 2500K @ Stock
16 gb G.Skill RAM
Radeon 7850
Asrock extreme 4
128gb crucial m4
hyper 212 cooler
Asus Xonar DG
Corsair 600W

The build process was flawless and my system was working well for a week or so but things started to go wrong once I tried installing the drivers for the Asus Xonar DG. After a while of I got a failure message saying that the card was not recognized, so being a little annoyed I shut down and took out the card. Since I had the case open I decided that I would unplug my optical drive and plug in my 1TB caviar black. While struggling to get the ATA and SATA in at the same time I managed to accidentally snapped some plastic off of one of the SATA cables. I thought "No big deal I'll use a different one." After successfully plugging the drive I attempted to turn it on with the buttons on the board, nothing happened. I confirmed that the PSU was on and that I wasn't making any stupid mistakes and tried again, nothing. No fans would spin even after I unplugged all the SATA and ATA cables.
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  1. The PSU might be dead. There's a test:
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