Building New Around i5-3570k - Can I Still Play LoL w/o GPU?

Hi Guys,

So here's the deal. I want to put together a new computer, this will be the second time I have EVER done this and the last time was in 2002. My old old computer has some decent qualities, so if any of it can be re-purposed in the short term that would be super helpful.

My goal is to build a new machine around the i5-3570k, but will not have funds upfront to do total machine at once. So my plan is to start with CPU, Motherboard, etc to get me going, then add GPU, etc later.

My question is 3 fold...I know I know, noob with too many questions...

1. Can I re-purpose any of my old computers hardware:

-CPU: AMD Athlon 2.6 GB...something like that
-MB: Cant recall, nothing special, 2 RAM slots, 3 PCI? I think thats what they are its been awhile.
-GPU: SAPPHIRE 100131L Radeon X800GTO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card (actually found what that was on newegg).
-HD: West something, 100 GB
-Case: Antec, mid/large?
-PS: Not sure, possibly 450-500W
-Optical: Some DVD/CD burner, somewhat recent (like 2006 Ha..)

2. With my new machine, will I be able to play League of Legends without upgrading GPU right away?

3. New build ideas - i5-3570k, some MB, Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM 8MBs,...thats all I got. Budget can be whatever it needs to be to have a solid machine around the i5, I just cant go drop lots of $$ upfront to do it. Thinking 2-3 months build time. Want this thing to last too and be able to upgrade every few years parts of it.

Sorry for the long winded thread, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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  1. 1. It is still decent PC to use for web browsing and basic tasks, and may be some video playback. I wouldn't reuse any part for the new build, as 10 years is too long a time to reuse any component, even though still working. I would give it away to a family member, or sell it as is (and use that money towards the new build).

    2. Yes. But if you can wait, wait for Haswell because it will have much better built in graphics performance.

    3. If you must build now, 3570K w/8GB RAM is a great starting point. Haswell is coming in about 5~6 months, so if you can wait, that would be recommended.
  2. Would it work to reuse even the case, hard drive or optical drive?

    Also, Haswell = new Intel models for 2013?
  3. bdyken84 said:
    Would it work to reuse even the case, hard drive or optical drive?

    Also, Haswell = new Intel models for 2013?

    Personally, I wouldn't use ANY part from your old PC.

    HDD - too old, too small in storage size, and slow speed for today's standards.
    CASE - buy a new one unless it is a fairly new case itself (less than 2~3 years old, great condition). Why spend money on a brand new build with $200 CPU, and put them in an old case? I think the additional $50+ would be worth the presentation and feel of the new PC.
    ODD (Optical Drive) - This one is a MAY BE if you want to save $15. But I would rather buy a new one, just to be sure that the part is new, even if I don't plan to use it. ODDs do go bad fairly easily.

    Yes, Haswell is new CPU architecture/brand. Price point is most likely going to be similar to Ivy Bridge (3570K), but with 10~20% better CPU performance AND estimated 50~100% better graphics performance. So no questions about it. If you can wait, wait for Haswell.
  4. The case is certainly reusable if your new motherboard fits, the optical drive as well. As mentioned, the HDD is a little old but perhaps usable. Everything else, not so much.
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