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Hi all
Wondering if yuo can help me...

i'm in the process of building a new machine, it's a powercooler 550watt PSU, intel 5 3570k, 8gb corsair memory, x1 SATA hd, GTX 650 GPU PCI-E 3 - no optical drives, it's a very basic build but with relatively decent power behind it. I'm using a NZXT case...

Now...on to the next bit

Initially when I was building system it would not power on, i had to disconnect and rebuild before i could get into bios (video wouldn't load) - then same thing happened - started to think something was wrong with PSU.

I've checked all the cabling and it is connected properly, i've checked and checked again. I was in the end able to install Windows - I have tested memory, everything works.

Problem, when I go to connect anything on the rear IO panel whether it be USB, 3.5mm audio connector, HDMI cable pc turns off...the PSU goes first...then I turn it back on...cpu fan is spinning but no video input on screen. I can then not for a while get the PC to boot back into windows, I turn off at the wall, at the back of PSU using switch, unplug...blah blah blah

I have checked for any shorting issues, but only have the one case to try it in, what springs to mind first? Would you say it is either a shorting issue caused by the case or a PSU problem? BTW the PSU is not branded and i've been told it isn't great to power a GTX 650.
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  1. Have you tried removing the gtx 650 and seeing if the computer works fine with onboard graphics?
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