Need help for new 1000-1500 rig

I am looking for a new primarily gaming rig but pretty much anything for about 1000- 1500 dollars and this is what i have so far:

I don't know what kind of 2,000 gb hard drive to get and I need a good mobo
I am also in between getting a i7-2600k or an i7-3770k.
I also don't know whether to get windows 8 or 7 because i am a little iffy about the whole live tiles deal.
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  1. For gaming you just need the i5-3570k and 8GB ram, and a better card, also the psu is overkill, there're cheaper full towers as good as that one, my suggestion :
  2. i would like to run a minecraft server for me and a couple friends. wouldn't i need more ram.
  3. Nope, 8GB is fine.
  4. ok thanks
  5. I have done some research and I know I want this stuff:
    but im still unsure on which video card to get?
    this is mostly for gaming but I don't want to close any doors down the road.
  6. The 670 gtx is a good card.
  7. is it better than the 680?
  8. well that was a dumb question what i meant is, what is better for the money the 660, 670 or 680.
  9. the 660 ti
  10. Yes, it's better than the 660 ti, and almost as good as the 680 gtx, the 670 gtx is a good option for a high end card.
  11. ok thanks
  12. would the i7-2600k work just as well for gaming as the i5 chip you suggested?
  13. The i5-3570k has faster cores, since it's from ivybridge improved architecture.
  14. does ivy bridge work with z77 mobo?
  15. Of course, the Z77 chipset was made specifically for the ivybridge cpus.
  16. oh okay thank you
  17. The i7 processor is overkill (meaning you won't get much performance out of it over the i5-3570K recommended by djangoringo). If you are set on it and have the money though then there is no problem with that.

    The one change I would highly recommend from all these build lists is upgrading to a 240-256GB SSD instead of the 120-128GB models listed.

    Try this build:

    If you do decide that you want to save a little money then it will work with the i5-3570K as well. Like this build:
  18. is there a difference between the extreme 4 and the extreme 6 because the price difference is like 5 dollars??
  19. The Extreme6 converts one of the PCIe x1 slots to a PCIe x16 2.0 slot running at x4, and adds a mini PCIe slot, display port (for use with integrated graphics only) and a firewire port. If you are likely to take advantage of any of those options then it is probably worth the extra $5. Otherwise I'd stick with the Extreme4.
  20. what do those do for me?
  21. You can get the extreme 6.
    This is all you need :

    It's better to go with low profile ram, the tall heatsinks could block the cooler, also it's cheaper the crucial ram and it's 1.35V ram.
    If you want evga card get the 670 FTW, evga has the best customer support and warranty and a step-up program :
    A 128GB might be suffice for you, since you're having a 2TB hdd, get the fastest/reliable ssd with 128GB(samsung 840 pro).
  22. also y upgrade to a 240 gb ssd
  23. this is what I have at the moment:
    I am still unsure on the cpu because I want this thing to be future proof and can I run many programs at a time and do a little video editing with the i5
  24. Probably nothing.

    PCIe is a graphics card slot, but x16 2.0 running at only x4 you are not going to use it. If you get a second GPU and SLI then it is going in the second PCIe x16 3.0 slot, which both models have.

    I'm not sure what they are calling a Mini PCI slot, but it would be an add-on card slot that you are unlikely to ever use.

    Firewire (aka IEEE 1394) is a port used for connecting external devices like digital cameras and external hard drives. At one point it was supposed to be faster than USB, but USB 2.0 came out at roughly the same speed and was more universal so it never took off. In a nutshell you are never likely to use it.

    A display port is an interface for connecting a monitor to your PC. all of the onboard monitor connectors will be disabled as soon as you install a discrete video card (like the 670) so you will never use it.
  25. baconieatdat said:
    this is what I have at the moment:
    I am still unsure on the cpu because I want this thing to be future proof and can I run many programs at a time and do a little video editing with the i5

    The i5 is still the best choice, only if you can pick the i7 on a microcenter store which is at 230$, like i said it's better to go with low profile ram, the crucial is cheaper, and there's no difference in performance, both are good ones.
    The extreme 6 is a larger motherboard than the extreme 4, the extreme 4 is a bit shorter motherboard in reference to a normal standard atx motherboard, it's not a problem though, as it fits in all decent cases.
    Also don't downgrade the psu for the Corsair CX series, it's a low end series from corsair, get the suggested Corsair TX650 V2.
  26. baconieatdat said:
    also y upgrade to a 240 gb ssd

    Because even older games chew up space at a surprising rate. You are going to want to set up your SSD to only contain Windows and your programs and use your HDD for data and user profile storage. Here's a rough space breakdown of what you should expect to get used for some some standard applications:

    64-bit Windows 7 = 20 GB
    MS Office 2010 = 10 GB
    Basic applications (Adobe Reader, Forefox, Chrome, Java etc.) = 5-10 GB depending on what you install
    Many current games use at least 5 GB of space but can easily use over 10 GB as well. So you could calculate roughly 7.5 GB for each game if you wanted to install to be somewhat safe.

    Here's an example of some games I have experience with:
    League of Legends = 5+ GB
    Borderlands = 12+ GB depending on DLC
    Bordlerlands 2 = 6 GB with no DLC
    CS 1.6 = 1 GB
    CS:S = 5 GB
    CS:GO = 6 GB
    DoD:S = 4.5 GB
    Civ V = 5 GB
    Knights of the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic 2 = 8 GB
    Torchlight = 1 GB
    Torchlight 2 = 1.5 GB

    All told that comes to 55 GB of space for games. Add in the ~40 GB for Windows and standard programs and you are over 90 GB. Throw on something like Photoshop or Adobe Creative Suite and you will see a lot more space disappear as well. You only get the fast load times if a program is installed on the SSD, and you don't want to fill it to the brim (never a good idea on any storage device). That's why I recommend a 240 GB drive. The price per GB ratio is still good (often better) at that level as well.
    A lot of those games are older as well, so if you plan on playing newer games I could see them easily totally more than those.
  27. P.S. The Mushkin Enhanced Chronos Deluxe line of SSDs are very fast and dependable as well.
  28. i think i might do the i7 and get it at microcenter for 230 because that is a great deal
  29. For reference, here is a list of some of the most space intensive PC Games along with how much space they require.
  30. is the crucial m4 faster than the samsung 840 series 250gb?
  31. If it's the non pro, yes, the samsung 840 pro is faster, then again it much more expensive.
    The plextor ssd is really cheap in microcenter, and it's really a good ssd.
    This one :
  32. so does this look good:
  33. It's fine, but in my opinion get the ASUS LK in microcenter much more cheaper, same features, it's also a good board.
    Also you don't need to spend that much for the psu, the corsair TX650 V2 is a good psu, made by seasonic, and it's cheaper, it's not modular, but the case has a good cable management
  34. im gonna keep the modular...
  35. how much cheaper is it...
  36. the mobo ^
  37. The Asus LK is 60$ in microcenter with the i7, the asrock extreme 4 is 80$ with the i7, so it's 20$ cheaper.
    Also there's a good cheaper modular psu in newegg, it's a high quality psu with more amps/wattage than you need :
  38. is it better than the other one?
  39. No, but it's cheaper, same quality.
  40. k
  41. what do you suggest for a wifi card?
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