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Which 7970 should I go for? Or should i go for a 680?

Hey guys,
I have been saving up to buy a new graphics card, I was originally going to wait for the new "8000 series GPU's" but when I found out that they came out in May, I
decided that I would go for a 680 or a 7970.

I have been looking at heaps of cards, and i'm completely torn between 4 of them.

Here they are.

The XFX 7970 comes with three games, so at the moment I am most likely to go with that.
If you guys think that i should go with a totally different card then please let me know, also I can wait until after Christmas so that i have more money if you guys think that that would be more worthwhile.
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  1. Sorry, forgot to give you my specs,
    AMD 8120 @ 4.2 ghz
    GTX 560TI superclocked.
    Gigabyte 990fxa-d3
    750w PSU
    16GB corsair vengeance.

    Is there any chance of it bottle-necking?
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    Nope, there would be no bottlenecking.

    I find this generation difficult with giving recommendations...from the start the GTX 680 is overall a higher performing card. Its also quieter and draws less power, but is a tad hotter at load. It even beats the 7970 at 2560x1600 quite a bit.

    The 7970 has 3GB of VRAM compared to, and should realistically perform better at higher resolutions. It has no issues with computations, unlike the 680 (ignore this if you don't do computational workloads). The 7970 can also achieve a better overclock and at least level the playing field or surpass the 680.

    If you require the use of a computationally strong card, the 7970 is my recommendation. If you simply want a stock card, and no factory overclocking, nor your own, I'd suggest the 680.

    All in all though, I'd go with the 7970 in this situation. Specifically, the GHz. Edition, especially for that price [...] s=xfx+7970 Due to the factory overclock, rather high too since it OC's very well, they got a lot of performance out of it and the 680 doesn't fare as well against it. Even "Superclocked" editions come relatively close, but don't surpass in most cases. It will perform hotter, draw more power, and run louder however.
  3. Thank you very very much for this reply, It is definitely the most in detail response I have ever got :D My hat goes off to you :)

    I'm probably going to purchase the card tomorrow from my local computer shop.

    Again, thanks for the awesome reply.
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