My computer crashes when I'm gaming?

Hey, about two weeks ago I built my own PC for the first time. Everything worked perfect, except for one thing. When I play Far Cry 3 for about 2 hours straight, this has happened to me three times already. My primairy screen becomes black and my second monitor freeses. The sound sounds like it's repeating the last milliseconds. Then I have to restart it and everything works perfect again. I don't think it's my CPU overheating, because it was around 60 degrees celsius when the crashes happened. I don't have any other games on my computer, so I don't know if it's just Far Cry 3. I don't really know if it's the temperatures of my GPU because I haven't got a program for that, anyone knows one?
Maybe my case is too messy? This is what it looks like,
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  1. From what I see, it looks like you could get better air flow than that. Download trixx or msi afterburner. There are many benchmarks to test gpu stability benchmarks. Unigene's heaven, furmark, and 3d mark. is anything you have overclocked?
  2. It sounds like heat. Start there first.

    GPU-Z can monitor card temps and load.

    Furmark will heat the card up fast to see if you have a cooling problem so you don't have to wait through 3 hours of games to see what is happening.
  3. I haven't overclocked anything. I ran both GPU-Z and furmark for about 15 minutes, it didn't go over 70 degrees celsius. these are the results:
  4. Woops.
  5. I see that more people have this same problem with the 7870,
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