Fx-8350 gaming rig good ?

Hey there.. I got this gaming rig :

does all fits together ? thats all good ? performance ?

I already got a HDD , windows 7 ultimate x64 and my case (coolermaster haf 912)

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  1. Never get a cooler master PSU.

    Stick with Antec, XFX, Seasonic, Corsair.
  2. the silent pro series are actually good. just the other offerings are crap

    get this instead

    -ram can be found here

    -psu can be found here

    -the overclock can be easily achieved on a u12p se2 cooler. no need to pay 10 bucks for something that you can do for free
    -got the 7870 xt instead. basically slower 7950.
    -cheaper but still great board
    -bigger and better SSD
    -note that i would just recommend a i5 3570k since it uses roughly half the power to achieve the same performance, but if you want something a tad cheaper, its a good way to go
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