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So, Here's a weird one you might not of heard before. So, I got some discs, game install discs to be precise, But, they seem to have a glue like substance on the inside part of the disc, (not in the inside of the plastic, But, On the greyish side, EH, You get it?) but, It seems to be greifing my Drive.

Is it possible that the glue can get stuck inside the drive, and prevent it from opening? Beacuse, On my other system, the drive wont open with a disc in it, And, my new computer, with a newish drive, (bought a week ago) is starting to be giving large noises when the drive opens (something like a snap)

This is really unusual. And, any help is appreciated... :D
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    clean it off the disks
  2. Yeah, I know that, Im working on it, but, Could it be making the Snaping noise?
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