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I have a GTX 560Ti 2GB, when i play games such as Bf3 or GTA 4 the game will play fine and there be no problems. The screen will go black and shutdown as if in the pc was turned off but the PC doesn't turn off only what appears to be the graphics card. When it does shut off the fan speed suddenly increases to what sounds like maximum but only after the screen has gone black.
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  1. maybe your gpu its overheating, have you checked the temperature while playing those games? if not, try using MSI afterburner or evga precision to check it.
  2. 1- Overheating
    2- PSU problems

    Most likely overheating that seems to be the issue based on what you described.
    Check temps, and tune down graphics or resolution and see if your having the same problems.

    Also maybe go buy some more case fans to cool that bad boy
  3. According to most sources i can find the card should be good into the 90 degree bracket but there is no way it is reaching that high.. if i was to take a guess looking at speedfan while playing its shutting the display off around 80 which doesn't seem right.

    I have 1 intake an 2 exhaust fans that came preinstalled on my Z9+ case, i intend to order this fan to act as an intake fan
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