Had to change build because of a deal... some questions.

This was my intention, but I got a pretty good deal on this CPU and this mobo.. Together, they cost me $280 after tax, so I figured why not.... That said I have a couple questions.

Is it unreasonable to for me to use the rest of the previous build, or do I need to upgrade some of those parts in order to keep up the pace with the new pieces?
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  1. The rest of the build will be fine. Stock for stock, the 3570k isn't even noticeably better than the 3470. If you overclock it will be, but nothing crazy different. The rest of the parts will work perfectly.
  2. Hi. No it's not unreasonable to use the rest of your previous build though you may add an aftermarket cooler for overclocking.
  3. @tiny:
    Yeah, I know it's not better stock, and while I have repeatedly said I have no interest in OC'ing, I figured the better board and the ability to OC in the future were worth the extra $40.

    Yeah, I figure if I get to the point I want to try to OC, I can just add on a cooler then.

    Thanks for the go ahead on the rest of the stuff. This site has been monumental in my decision to attempt to build. Lot of good people and good information.
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