GTX 460 won't initialize with Nvidia drivers

A few days ago I went to turn on my PC and after the Windows boot screen, my display went black (No signal). Tried to upgrade drivers but that didn't fix it (was able to boot into safe mode to get drivers, but after the install safe mode was broken too.)

So I wiped my hard drive and re-installed Windows 7. I can get to my desktop with the standard VGA driver, but any Nvidia driver I install brings me back to a black screen after the reboot. Ideas?

Windows 7 x64 bit
Nvidia GTX 460 SC
Intel I5-2500k
Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3
Silverstone 1000w PSU
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  1. Have you tried booting with the onboard video (removing the GTX 460)? That could be a symptom of a bad card...
  2. On-board video works, it's only when I install Nvidia drivers for my 460 that it doesn't boot.
  3. Also, I swapped out my 460 for a 9800GT, and that works fine with the latest drivers. I'm thinking bad card is the issue here?
    Could be power supply too, as the 9800 just runs from PCI power.
  4. Also, if the card is bad I was thinking of upgrading to a 660 Ti, would that be a decent upgrade?
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