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Static electricity problem

I have a Desktop tower, 2 Monitors, a printer, a router and a set of speakers hooked up to a power strip.
The powerstrip is connected to a wall outlet (3 pin).

Everyday I switch off the powerstrip in the morning, and when I switch it back on in the evening after 8 hours, the following turn on just fine -
1. the speakers
2. the monitors
3. the router

But then when I press the power button on the Desktop Tower, nothing happens.
Also, when I turn the powerstrip on, the speakers that are hooked up to this desktop, constantly play a heartbeat sound. Goes like 'bip .. bip ... bip'. This sound stops if I disconnect the speakers from the desktop. But i don't disconnect them (read on to know why)

After about 30-40 minutes, the heartbeat sound stops. Then if I press the power button on the tower, desktop starts up just fine.

I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting all the cords, holding down the power button, switching off/on the PSU, etc. Nothing works. I have to wait for 30-40 mins.

Question - is this a case of static electricity build-up ? has anyone encountered an issue like this before ? any recommendations on how this can be fixed ?

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    Hello igar :hello:

    :heink: Kinda sounds like it could be a power supply issue, like one of the capacitors is going bad in there maybe, do you have a different one you could try? Does it try to start at all, do any of the case fans or power supply fans spin when you attempt to start it? Have you tried leaving the power strip over night, does it start then? Some system specs could help, how old is the PC? Have you tried plugging the PC directly into the wall outlet, could be the power strip? When you get it running look at the event log to see if the PC logs an event when you try to start it. I'm pretty much just shooting in the dark till you post some system specs and try some of the troubleshooting I suggested.

    Just my 2 cents do with it what you will. :sol:
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