[HELP] Need helping looking for new Video Card

Hello, Everyone of Tom's Hardware. I am looking for a New Video Card within the Budget of 150$ if I extremely have too I can maybe go over. I wanna play WoW on ultra settings and skyrim with just a playable decent FPS. I currently have a AM 6100 Black edition CPU running at 4.0ghz six cores.

Thanks very much looking forward to some replies thanks
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  1. You want a GTX 650Ti.
  2. Push it alil bit hard and get the HD 7850....you can find one for about 175$ or if you are really on tight budget then you would have to buy the GTX 650 ti

    Btw...what is your screen resolution and power supply ?
  3. GTX 650ti is the best for a 150$ budget
  4. as other have stated a 650ti is where you budget brings you. but its more than worth it to just go with the 7850
  5. The 7850 and 660 gtx only requires a 6 pin pcie connector and are low power hungry cards.

    But If going with a 650 ti, i recommend this one :


    It's at 139$, and has 20$ rebate for latter, it's a Evga SCC 650ti which is a good one.
  6. i will have a look at some 7850's and if i don't have enough I will likely go with a galaxy GTX 650ti
  7. I would either get the 2GB version that Djangoringo linked above or get the SSC version

    I dont think you will need the 2GB of VRAM because your not doing 2 monitors, but it can never hurt to have and some games in the future might require 2GB (far into the future)
  8. games like dayz and crysis 2 use over 1 gb of vram at 1080p i know that much from monitoring my own usage
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