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i just built my first build and im tryign to decide on what graphics card i should get. right now im using intel hd graphics 4000 and its not enough. im really not sure how far i should go, i dont have that much money on hand right now due to spending it on all the other parts but i really don't want to cheap out, and i want to be at least slightly future proof. i am mainly looking at these cards, gtx 660 ti, radeon hd 7850,7870, or 7950. i want to max out settings on 1080p and i want to possibly play on medium on 3 1080p screens in the future. what would be your guys recommendation .

note: if i get the 7850 i would be able to crossfire in the future, if i get anything higher i would be stuck with that without being able to add another card due to having a not strong enough power supply. this kind of rules out the middle man because i wouldn't be able to crossfire the 7870 when i also cant crossfire the 7950, but at least with the 7950, i know i would be able to eat games with it, even on 3 screens. (sorry if this question is a big mess)
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  1. What processor do you have, and How much Watts is your PSU (PowerSupply)
  2. Tobyfan1122 said:
    What processor do you have, and How much Watts is your PSU (PowerSupply)

    i5-3570k and a 675 watt psu, its only bronze certified so its not the absolute best, but its decent, and i really dont want to cut it really close, as im about to have 3 harde drives installed
  3. I reccommend getting a Asus Geforce GTX 660 Ti 2gb Version
    Great for upgrading, Getting a new card.
  4. "Even" with the 7950 you won't be "eating" games on 3 screens unless they are really low-GPU dependant.
    You wont max many current games with 60 fps @ 1080 on 1 screen.With 3 screens it will be much worst.
    Just saying so you don't complain later.
    But yes,the 7950 seems right mainly because of memory bandwidth and memory size although on a single screen the 660ti comes close.
  5. GTX 660 Ti is your best option for smooth gaming.
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