Which 7870 to buy??

I am trying to decide which is the best 7870. I'm leaning towards the msi or gigabyte. Any thoughts? I don't care about looks since I don't even have a window on my case all I care about is quality
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  1. Get a 7870 Ghz Edition.
    Get the Card with Higher Clocks.
  2. I have a XFX DD HD7870. I've had no trouble with it. I don't hear it while playing games. Of the two you listed, I've owned MSI cards and they were also trouble-free. I have not owned any Gigabyte video cards.
  3. The gigabyte core clock is 1100 mHz and only costs 230 so I'm probably going to get that one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125418
    The three fan mechanism is kinda cool and I'm sure it is quiet but that's just one more fan to quit working on me, but if it's built well then I won't worry about it. I hear some companies use cheaper parts in their card to bring cost down and I wanna make sure I have a quality card all around that will last. I hear xfx tend to use cheaper parts for their card but I may be wrong
  4. XFX DD, MSI Twin Frozr and the Gigabyte HD7870 are all very quiet cards.

    I have an XFX 7970 and I don't even know it's there sometimes it's so quiet. But you can also look at the NVidia 670's, they are just as good in comparison (Depending on the games you play)
  5. Sumukh_Bhagat said:
    Get a 7870 Ghz Edition.
    Get the Card with Higher Clocks.

    ALL 7870s are GHz edition. Stock clock speed is 1000MHz=1GHz. Only the 7970 has a vanilla and Ghz edition.
  6. Take the one 7870 with the biggest warranty.
  7. And if you get one with a good cooling system & fan set on them, they overclock nicely
  8. Sapphire is pretty cheap and it's so cold in my system. I had a 4870 before I got the 7870 and that used to run at like 68 Celsius idle (terrible i know) and with no other upgrades i have my 7870 running at 25 Celcius.
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