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How do I recover my win 7 on a Netbook with no cd/dvd drive

I have a toshiba nb305 netbook without a cd/dvd drive. my backup was interuped. I was trying to clone my drive. when I tried to recover it I get the "no bootldr" error. I have tried to set the boot to an external cd/dvd but it does not recognize the cd/dvd. I only get the "no bootldr" everytime. How can I recover the C drive so I can reload my win 7. Im considering removing the HD and using it as a second drive in another computer and trying to format it. I would prefer not to open the case. is there any other solution? I havent tried to install an OS on a thumb drive and try to boot that way, will that work? Hellllllllppppppp
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  1. Sounds like the boot order may not be properly set in the BIOS
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  3. Thanks for your reply Area 51. I did it that way and it worked.. the boot order in this netbook is set to usb as the first boot. anyway I got Win 7 Installed with no hassels, thanks again for your reply
  4. Your Welcome.Thanks for using the forum!
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