Help buy graphic card

Guys I want to buy a new graphic card that can play all latest games on low or medium budget is 3500 rs..
Plz suggest me good graphic card
m having 17.5 lcd monitor
500 gb hdd
Amd phenom 2 x2 550 processor
4gb ram
Plz reply soon as possible
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  1. which power supply do you have (watts)?
  2. go with this and raise your budget to rs 3900

    hd 6570-

    with this card you can play games at medium sett and even many games at high settings at 1280*720 res.

    go with this this is best under 4k and no card beats this in this range
  3. If you are willing to spend 1000 more you could get a card equivalent to gtx 460
  4. No bro I can't spend more 1000 on graphic sapphire hd 5570 good for gaming..
    or any other nvdia card.....
    Plz I have 400w psu
  5. Is XFX ATI Radeon HD 4830 512MB DDR3 *256-bit*
    Enough for playing latest game
  6. do not get is old. hd 4830 is power hungry card it tdp is 96w and it is direct0x 10.1 .

    hd 5570 is good.but i reccommend you to get 6570.ask near your hardwre shop you may get around t=rs 3600. no nvidia card is good under rs 6000
  7. K.. So I will buy hd6570
    Is it able to play gta 4 on it without any lag
  8. Aniket25 said:
    K.. So I will buy hd6570
    Is it able to play gta 4 on it without any lag

    gta 4 friend has hd 6570 and he play gta 4 on all high settings at 1280*720 res with vsync to off.

    get sapphire hd 6570 1gb as saphhire has good after sale support in india.

    happy gaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. you could also look at GT 630 or GT 440 .
    same price same performance
  10. N what about hd 6450 2 gb
  11. no that card is bad for gaming
  12. mohit plz tell me why hd 6450 2 gb is bad for gaming & nvidia gt 610 is better than it or not
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