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Quick Question, VMs and old computers vs new.

So I've got an old Phenom I 9600 system (2.4 GHZ, Quad Core) with 4 GB of DDR2 RAM. PC-6400 (800 MHZ).
The Motherboard supports 4 sticks of RAM.
I need to virtualize 3-4 Windows Server 2008s simultaneously. I will not be running anything resource intensive. (Mostly for testing/configuration purposes)

How much RAM would I need to run this setup?
I checked around on Ebay, and it's about $137+ for 8 GB of RAM.
Is the processor fast enough?

In the event these specs aren't sufficient, would a $190 FX 8350 @4.0 GHZ or a i5 3470 @3.4 GHZ be better? They've got approximately the same price tag.
I won't be overclocking.

I'd like to spend as little $ as possible, if I can get by with the older machine, that would be great. Getting a new motherboard, RAM and CPU would cost me in the $290 range.

I need an answer as soon as possible, looking to make a decision tonight.

Thanks for the advice/information.
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  1. ddr2 ram is no longer made, and hence forth going up in price as it becomes less usefull. 8 gb of ddr3 ram should cost about 50 bucks, and you can get away with 1333 ghz get g-skill ram (and all your parts) from newegg. they are reputable.

    step up to an i3, and avoid amd like the plague.
  2. I just found this on Newegg:
    $90, G. Skill.

    I normally prefer Intel Processors, got an i7 3610qm in my laptop.

    However, wouldn't VMs use a lot of cores/threads?
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    You can run 3 virtual machines on a quad core, with 1 core dedicated to each VM and one for your home OS for best performance. I doubt you'll be able to get by with just 4GB of RAM though (you'll want to allocate AT LEAST 1GB of RAM to each VM, 2GB is better). And that's just with the VMs with only core processes running. Don't get an i3 like that one poster said. That would be a waste of money. An AMD FX cpu seems like it would be perfect for you since you're on a budget. Also, get as much RAM as you can afford. Your current set up should run it, albeit probably not that well.
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  5. Okay, thanks for the information. I am going with the 8 GB of RAM and hoping the CPU is enough.
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