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i have ASRock A75M FM1 AMD A75, geforce gtx 650ti , 550 watt ps, and AMD A8-3870K running windows 8 . G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB in the mail. how do i get it to run faster? i dont know how to overclock.
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  1. The apu's aren't made for extreme moving unless your on ln2. But a slight should be achieve able. Any games your trying to gain performance on
  2. Download AMD Overdrive, or a similar software and go from there. I agree, the A series is not meant to be tweaked too far. You have to remember there is a full fledged GPU on that chip as well!
  3. can you explain?
  4. The Processor you have is known as a APU which is a CPU/GPU all in one. So its not meant for high OC's since its more for a low end low power good performance as it for the budget types.
  5. If you want it to be faster add an SSD.
  6. do have any ssd suggestions
  7. depends on how much your willing to spend on a SSD
  8. $150 more or less
  9. i heard that you have to get a special cord for ssd. to get its full potential
  10. no you dont. who told you that?
  11. Well yea a SATA III cable but Z77 boards are already SATA gen 3. Also its the SATA cable with a speed of 6GB/sec that makes the difference over the 3GB/sec
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