Is my laptop gpu running too hot?

I have a new acer aspire 4752g with dedicated gpu GT 630M. I tried to play sims 3 with it and noticed that the blower blows air that is a bit hotter that my previous laptops. I tried to download gpu-z and checked the temps. Temps are at the ff:

Integrated graphics
idle: 50+
load: ave.= 66 max=72

GT 630m
idle: 50+
load ave.=62 max=66

Is my gpu running too hot? and why its that, It's like I'm running two gpu's at the same?
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  1. Laptops Usually run Hot. Becuase there is not enough space for Airflow.
    I recommend you to Buy Aftermarket Cooler for your Laptop. A good one.
  2. Not sure why its dual. 66 Looks fine to me. My laptop GPUs always got up around 78C
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